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Update by user Mar 11, 2013

Complaint filed with Tennessee Attorney General's Consumer Affairs on 3-11-2013. Lawsuit pending.

Update by user Nov 11, 2012

Frankie\'s, also d/b/a Airport Auto Sales, Owner Frankie Alexander have failed to respond to my complaint filed with the Midsouth Better Business Bureau. I will now file a Complaint with the Tennessee Attorney Generals Office, and file suit against Frankie\'s.

Original review posted by user Oct 11, 2012

I purchased a 2003 Corvette on July 18, 2012, and discovered a major engine oil leak within the first 36 hours. Met with General Manager Jerry Bussey who agreed to fix the engine leak if I closed my BBB Complaint.

Jerry Bussey told me that Frankie's was founded on "Integrity" and "doing the right thing" After several trips back and forth from Jackson to Memphis, logging over 1500 miles, the engine is still leaking oil. The vehicle has numerous problems with suspension, electrical, and computer, and has cost me additional thousands of dollars in the first 60 days. The Owner Frankie Alexander has fired the Salesman, Service Manager, and General Manager since I purchased the car. Last week, I brought the car back to Frankie's as scheduled by their Service Department.

Once again they put dye in the engine oil and determined that the oil pan was still leaking. They had the oil pan resurfaced/machined, however this just created a new engine leak. The owner Frankie Alexander refused to complete the engine repair that his General Manager agreed to fix. All "Integrity" left the building with Jerry Bussey!

Frankie Alexander sent his Sales Manager Tony Littoe to send me away, with measured antagonism by stating "I wouldn't have turned wrench one to repair your car." "What did you expect, the car is ten years old, you had Jerry Bussey bent over because you filed a BBB Complaint, we don't care, we get complaints all the time..." Nice attitude from the Sales Manager, so buyer beware, if you buy one of their ten year old Corvettes, Mercedes, BMW's, Lexus that they feature in the first front rows, you may get a lemon like mine, "what did you expect".

So Frankie's started a repair that they do not have the competence to do; and then after tearing the engine apart three times, and creating a new oil leak, fail to complete the job as agreed to by their agent/representative. Now the engine is at risk for further damage due to their negligence and failure to complete the repairs.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States #863325

It happened to me too they need to be shut down...

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #813223

Stay away from this place!

Live in neighboring state and saw a car for my 16 yr old and set up an inspection with a national mobile inspection co. for which I paid $130 up front.

The appt. was set up for the next morning at 10AM - when the inspector arrives he is told the car isn't there, it has been sent to auction. I give the benefit of doubt, they bring car back and I get another inspection arranged the next day - find out tires are completely dry rotted - not safe to drive!

This is a bush-league outfit.


I bought a car there and got fifty shades of deception! DON'T BUY A CAR At FRANKIE'S!!!!


Always have every inch of a car from Frankies checked, and checked again before you sign your name. Especially the Mercedes, BMW's, Lexus, and high end used cars, they all have mechanical issues.


So sorry to hear about another lemon sold by Frankies!

Frankies gets most of their cars out of Florida.

They buy "pretty cars" that run poorly, buy them cheap, clean em up, mark.em up. They have no respect for a customer after the paperwork is signed. After the sale, it's "duck, tuck and roll" and distance themselves from any customer complaint. Customer Service is just a facade before the sale.

Buyer beware with this stock of vehicles. Either bring a great mechanic with you, or RUN to another reputable car dealership.


I brought a forenza from Franklie's Auto and three months later the car started to run hot. I got a mechanic to look at the car and he said I needed an thermostat and thats when he found the rust in the engine.

I call Franklie's Auto and he said I brought the car as is no refund. Not only have I been overcharge for the car, but also has a car with rust in it.

I have been putting parts after parts on this car and I am still having problems and it have not been a year. I did some research on this car and found out it came from Florida.

Yorba Linda, California, United States #664469

It is your choice and desicion to do business with Frankie's. I have shared my nightmare with you.

I have been in a customer service industry for over twenty five years, and the unfair practices and behaviors of the management and staff would notbe acceptable in any other business. Take your chances?

Bartlett, Tennessee, United States #664464

There is always two sides to every story. We have read just one side.

I am not advocating for or against the consumer or the dealership. I have purchased a Toyota Camry, Ford Mustang, and Chevy Silverado from Frankies. They were all great cars, and none of them cost me over $8000.00. This has been in the last five years.

We still own the Mustang and it has been wonderful. We had some minor issues when we first purchased the car, and the dealership handled them all without fail. I dealt with a young General Manager, which I believe was Dale.

He was friendly and was very concerned about my problems. I am looking at purchasing another car and I will definitely consider Frankie's again......


Thanks for posting. I needed to be more cautious about car buying from them. This post was sobering.


See Frankie Alexander on bustedmugshots.com, a classic ***!!!!!


Big deal on a Vett 1 years old this is common. New pan seal and silicone akes things all right.

You spent moe on fuel running back anforth than by havng the repair done your self. :cry :cry :cry


Frankie's, d/b/a Frankie's, Airport Auto Sales, Frankie's Autos Owner Frankie Alexander.


Correction, the complainant is from Jackson, Tennessee, not Houston, Texas as posted.

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